[NOTE May 30th] Hey everyone, sorry there isn’t a comic yet, I was working on it until late tonight, but I’m kaput for the night, I promise I’m working hard on it, and you’ll see why it’s not updated yet once I get it up some time later today, Promise it’ll be done, just a little late! Thanks everyone! [/NOTE]

Wow, it hasn’t taken me this long to finish up a comic in a very long time… granted I was experimenting with speech bubbles among other things, this one felt very mentally challenging tonight… but I’m glad it’s done.

We went to Otafest over the weekend, we only spent Saturday there. I have to say, it’s just not what other conventions are… there’s just… a lacking feeling. But I think it would have been better if we could have setup a place in the Artist’s Alley to sell Merch and other such things, really it would have been, seeing and meeting such prominent DA artists like Lone-Momo and Crazys was pretty cool, I’ve never really have been that aware of the local artists until this year, so I hope I can have the opportunity to sit down and talk more with them in the future!

We’ve also made an executive Decision to attend both Calgary Comic Expo in July and Animethon in Edmonton. We won’t have a booth or anything, but if you are attending any of the above, please let us know :) We’d love to hang out. I actually hope to get some merch going over this year so that there seems to be a relevant factor in having a booth.

But I’m out for now, so enjoy the comic! :)