Whew… As I’m writing this it is Saturday, a day early I am! I’m proud of myself, normally I’m finishing this up Sunday night. But to be quite honest, Mana and I will be going on Vacation here next Thursday so we are doing our best to work ahead so that you will still receive a Monday comic, as you should. So far so good, next weeks is already base colored and essentially ready for the final touches (being the backgrounds). So even though we won’t be around, everything will continue as normal, hurrah!

Now, I need your help! I truly would appreciate your input here, I am curious as to what you want to see happen around here. Below I’ve added a Poll, or feel free to leave comments. But I really thank you for helping us out by letting us know what we could do to better your funness and happiness on Flycoren! Yes. I said Funness.