A new wonderful week! Weather has been so nice- had some pretty big Thunder Storms, but they didn’t last long.

Please go on over and receive a fancy new incentive over at TopWebcomics (VOTE). We appreciate the support, we would really like to see our ranking go up even higher! we are doing awesome this month so far, you can vote every day :3.

You may have also started to notice the website changing here and there. I am finally putting my Web Design Diploma to good on this site. I had started planning and designing a new site setup last year, but never got around to finally implementing it. So I finally made my decision to redo the site “Live” instead. You will be able to watch as things change, and we add more things to the site. FINALLY after all this time it will become, bit by bit, what we set out for the site. It’s a very exciting time for Flycoren, and we really feel the site will be an important element in bringing the whole thing together. So I hope you keep checking back and seeing what’s new each week that we update more. 😀