Well, I hope everyone had an awesome Easter and got lotsa chocolate XD! Our son sure seemed to have a blast, this is the first real year that he’s had an Easter Egg hunt, and he loved it. It was good weekend, the first Holiday since I started my one job last year that I’ve actually had off, it always seemed to work out that the weekend of the holiday was my weekend to work (I work every other weekend). Not that I’m complaining, I always still get to enjoy the holidays one way or another.

And look, not even a missed update! now we’re getting good at this I have to say! We’ve been working our tails off lately for the book (yes we are still working on that!) I believe Mana is done her part now, it’s just mainly up to me to finish off some of the art aspects of it, which one image is taking me way longer than originally planned, but it’s going to look so wonderful when it’s done :3, might give a sneak preview once I get it done as a vote incentive. 😀

Anyway, have a great week, and enjoy the comic!