Heyo everyone! How are you this week?

We have an incentive this week, if you would like to go see just give a vote! :3. Sorry we haven’t had many of those as of late! I’ve been a lazy background maker for awhile now ~.~ But this week… whew, Books are Srsbsns o___o.

Our release date for the book is coming up so fast! Ahhhh I feel like there is a million and one things I want to do yet. But it’s going well- and I look forward to getting out there and spreading the word about our comic. 😀

And you can help, if you know someone that also is into comics and they haven’t yet seen us, tell them to come on over and see us! We love to see new people coming over here, especially those who comment!

Anyway- I’m off to great adventures! Later

Volume I Will be available October 9th 2012!
They are also available for Pre-Order! Click below to reserve a copy today!