Ah, how is everyone this week? We’ve been on vacation so it’s been wonderful for us. Didn’t do anything super crazy, just some local things, we went to Banff for 4 days, went to the hot springs and other such things- and visited the Royal Tyrell Museum. Other than that just been relaxing around the house, Mana and I FINALLY got new chairs for our office. I was using a really old computer chair (I’ve had it since I was… uhhh, 12? (I’m 24 now ~ahem~) lol and Mana was using a Kitchen chair, which she has been using since she got a computer in 2007. She also got a new computer over the last week, woo! no more Photoshop crashes in the middle of a comic!

And another cool thing that we got was a wireless printer- we’re going to experiment with photo paper, but we’d love to bring a laptop and this printer to cons and do digital commissions at conventions and see how that goes- instead of just a sketch or ink, you’ll get a full color (no shade / background though…) commission printed on glossy paper. 😀

~I haven’t talked to Mana about it yet… ahem… But if you’re interested in this and your aren’t local let us know- (local being Calgary, Alberta and area)- if there’s interest we may open commission slots for a short time, we can always mail nice prints + Digital high res. copy~ Let us know if you are interested, comment, email or DA, facebook- take your pick. :)