Good Day to all! Hope things are swell. This week is going to be a little hectic for me, so hopefully nothing too crazy goes down. ^^’

But the good news is, the comic is unaffected! and we have our first full length Podcast (just below my good people). Little bit longer than the first I have to say o__o’ didn’t mean for that to happen. Mana and I can just keep talking. And Talking… And talking. Hopefully about interesting things though! You’ll be the judge of that. :) We get into some of the good stuff this week.

This weeks Topic is: Flycoren: Kausim! We go into the hows, whys and what the future holds! Figured we’d start by talking about the things people know first 😀


And! The thing I promised to show on the podcast is an incentive over on Top Webcomics this week, so go over and vote to see!