I don’t know why, but I’m really happy with how this one turned out this week! Despite not taking much time on backgrounds or anything, just the overall choreography of this one worked out nicely. Hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day weekend!

I’ll be honest, I’m not the greatest at partaking in these type of… hallmark holidays. Mana and I could care less about Valentines day, and even with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I believe in showing appreciation on more than just one day, and also being spontaneous is a greater feeling then doing something because you are told that’s the day you should do it. But I digress!

This year I actually made an attempt at spoiling Mana, even … though, I’m not the greatest at doing so, I’ll be the first admit. I made supper (for the most part… I tried, okay!), had Icecream cake, and I got her a HUGE baking kit for so that she can do more things with her baking. It’s actually kinda cool all the strange mysterious tools it came with, that are far beyond my understanding.

And everyone keeps saying I bought it just so she’d bake me a cake! Though it may be the case that I benefit directly in all the goodies she makes, I bought it because I know she enjoys baking quite thoroughly! So… to all those people who think I would do such a thing for selfish reasons, I say, nah nah, I get cake and you don’t! :)

Have a good week everyone. 😛