I always love when I have the time to work on the Backgrounds the way I intend them to be… And I guess I kind of apologise that I don’t always have time to make them look this good. I hope it hasn’t affected the story in any way, or made anyone feel like I wasn’t putting effort into this comic. But I swear if I had the time, every single comic would Look.This.Good. I think this is the prime example of what Mana and I are capable of doing, and that it can only get better from here.

When I compare this to the original chapter we published (only a few of you ever got to see that monstrosity)- We have improved leaps and bounds in our abilities. And in truth, I find that very exciting. I find it exciting because you get to watch as the process unfolds. I mean, there are oodles and oodles of Webcomics out there, so perhaps we’re not all that special in the scheme of things. But you’ve chosen to watch our art and story change. And that, to me, is special, in a non-… frilly… sort of… who am I kidding, that sounds corny. But true!

Thanks for being awesome readers / commenter’s / contributors!