Just wanted to start off by saying, Book Signing went very well! Sold some comics, got to meet new people, and overall it was a very pleasant experience! It’s always a little nervy at first, because you’re putting yourself in front of people to be ‘judged’. But it’s amazing how overall the experience is positive! I very much look forward to going to the Calgary Comic Expo… But I realize that there is still a very large amount of things we need to do to be ready. Hopefully we can pull it off. :)

Another neat thing, the other day I received a phone call requesting Mana and I to be speakers at a career forum on March 6th in town here, so looks like we will get to talk about making comics and all that sort of fun stuff. I think it will be a lot of fun. We’ll get to talk about our process step by step, and some of the tips and tricks of the trade that we’ve learned, and maybe interest someone in trying their hand at becoming a comic artist, who knows! I can dream can’t I? haha

It certainly seems there is a lot going on all at once, so I hope I can keep up ._.

Anyway, have a wonderful week, and hope you are well!