Good Day All! Hope things are going well, (Are you getting your Christmas Shopping done?? :P).

This comic took a long time to do o_o’ I kept getting distracted by YouTube… blah.

All I really wanted to say this week is if you haven’t gotten a Wallpaper by donating to Comic Creators for Freedom yet, you have one more week to do so! We are very close to achieving our goal of $50.00! We are at $40.00! So please help, and contribute, we are Soooo clooose. No Donation is too small. Everyone has been doing an awesome job this year in helping raise funds for Love 146’s Charity! If you want more information before you give, please visit It really is a great cause, and I’m proud to see so many Webcomic artists come together on such a project. To donate please click the big picture right below this! $10.00 isn’t very much, let’s make it happen. :)

comic creators for freedom

Thanks so much everyone, I truly, truly appreciate it.

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