I have to say, sometimes, the weekends that I work make is suuuper hard to be motivated to work on the comic. But because I love it so much, I’d never actually abandon it because I’m not up for it. It’s that push to get it done that makes me proud that we have a comic that we get to share with everyone each week. Even if it’s only a small way to entertain people- it’s still a very rewarding experience.

But that’s not to say I haven’t been lazy, and not putting my full effort into it. I know it’s just because I need a break (not from the comic!) just some time to relax from everything else, break out of the normal every day routine. I haven’t taken much time this year to do that. The only real time was in July when Mana and I went to Vegas for the week. It’s something that I think everyone needs to do at least a few times each year, otherwise you grow complacent and don’t desire to do anything. That’s where I’m at… I need something to excite me and re-energize these creative juices, so I can give that extra push I know is inside me somewhere!