Ahhhhhh, It’s so hard to draw fight scenes, only because I want to cram a million things into one page, and I don’t want them to seem boring because there’s so little talking, and since we only update once a week, it feels like it slows the progress of the story. But. Fight. Scenes. Are. Cool. At least I think so. So instead I distract you with shiny pages with lotsa flashy things.

Still way into pokemon at the moment. So I’m not working as much as I should be on Flycoren related things, But I better get as much of this game out of my system now, as I have a whole week off coming up dedicated to Flycoren, it is all I am going to be working on. And if that makes you curious, I am glad it does so :) Since it’s all for you, in the end.

But I have a question for you, if you are currently playing the new Pokemon Game, who is your favorite 6th gen pokemon? They didn’t go crazy with making new pokemon this time around, and I’m stoked about that. I think my favorite new one is Vivillion, the butterfly pokemon. I like it because it’s wings are different designs and colors depending on where you live in the world. That’s such a unique idea. I love it.

Have a good week!