Wow… if I don’t need sleep, then I don’t know what I need. You know, when it seems like you could just hibernate for months on end? I think I’m getting there, as fall only seems to get colder and colder out.

There was a lot of text for this comic, I actually cut a lot of it out to make it all fit X_X I haven’t had that problem in ages. So hopefully it makes sense. But I think these next pages are a crucial part of the story… Balindro has some ‘splaining to do.

Aaandd… it was Mana’s Bday last week, I won’t say how old, coz I might be shotted or something. But hey! Wish her a belated if you want :P…

The Information Below is Very Important!

And Finally! Mana is doing this thing, this very special thing that we’ve never done before! A sort of contest… if you will. So open your eyes a behold! Have you ever wanted to know what your character would look like in the Flycoren world? To immerse yourself beyond that of reading the comic, and actually see your character fully fledged in Flycoren? Well now you can get the next best thing. Not this week, since well, it’s already this week. BUT NEXT WEEK. The first commenter to this comic, directly below this blog Next Monday morning will be the winner of a free commission, specifically a Flycoren based Original Character in your likeness, or desired vision; Designed by Mana herself. There is more to it than even that, however all that matters to you right now, at this very moment, that you must be the first commenter on next week’s comic update. I have faith in you.

Oh. And just to make this more interesting, to those who know that the comic updates at midnight, I will be making it a random time- just so you can’t pull that one :P.