Hullo Everyone! Soooo, It’s been quite a week. My computer went out on me, as I had mentioned (there’s still some underlying issues that I’m not sure about…). But the good news is, I’m back up and running well enough to be posting this to you on my computer!

I never really realized how integrated I was into my normal Photoshop settings, with all my Brushes, Fonts etc. It’s quite a challenge to make a comic without all of that stuff. It was sort of like a minimalist challenge.

Anyways, I had promised that I would let you guys in on something this week, since last week was so awry!

We are Proud to present, Volume II of Flycoren! Click the picture for details!

Flycoren: Kausim- Volume II /></a></p>
<p>I had been hoping for a little bit more glamorous announcement, but here’s better than nothing! Let us Know what you think. We are pretty excited, and I will let you know more as we update!</p>
<p>Have a great week everyone!</p>
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