She just had to get it back. Easy right? Tilting her head to the side, she let out a long drawn sigh through her nose before she planted a firm palm to her forehead. How was she going to get it back? She had already run into the man before and that was almost like running into a cement wall. That in it self told her, she wasn’t going to be able to push the guy around. Like she could.

“Maybe he will have a turn of good fate?” she itched the side of her face as she practically began to laugh at herself. Like that was going to happen, he just stole from her. He was a thief and she could only reason he wasn’t going to feel bad for what he had done.
Sucking in a breath, she turned to direct herself towards the town as she wasn’t far from the outer skirts of it. All she needed to do was find him, act convincing and with ample amounts of good luck she might be able to get it back.

“Yeah I’ll just walk up to him and be like,” she pointed towards one of the neighboring trees, “Hey you… you jerk! Give me back my purse otherwise you’ll be so sorry.” She frowned for a moment, “Who am I talking too? Why am I talking out loud?” She rustled a hand through her straw blonde hair. Taking a moment to gather whatever little confidence she had, her feet began to take her inside the inner ring of the town. Her eyes looking over the brightly lit lanterns as she found there weren’t many men or women out so late.

Though there were a couple of tall figures looming around, but in truth she really didn’t pay much attention to them. She was trying to see if she could spot the man that she had run into earlier and trying to avoid any eyes that could tell her master she had returned.

Grunting he lay on the tin roof as motionless as he could, holding his breath for bursts to do his best to listen to the men. He couldn’t really make out what they were saying, but their actions spoke louder than anything else. They stopped on the far side of the street as one pointed to someone standing aloof across the street. It was the girl that they were following, the one and the same he had stolen from. They looked grouchy at the fact that she had suddenly stopped and hadn’t taken them all the way back to her current residence.

Not exactly what he had been hoping for, the men were looking more and more agitated, as she paced back and forth in a panicked state. She couldn’t possibly know what the men were standing there for? She hardly even seemed to be aware that they were watching her, let alone what they had planned to do to her and her “Master”. This was making the situation less safe. Finally it looked like the men had enough as one had the courage to confront the girl.

“What is she doing?” One of the lackeys questioned to the big man who was the lead. He wore a velvet red vest, showing off his many tattoos which seemed to swim along side thick veins which protruded down his arms. He had been shaved bald, and had a long goatee. This leather boots stamped at the dirt as he folded his arms. “Who the hell knows, she looks like she’s talking to a tree.”

“It’s hard to believe Roris picked her over you…” the other man mumbled. The bigger man snorted as he eyed the man on his right. “Sorry,” the man peeped.

“It’s been like five minutes, do you think she’s on to us?” the man on the left questioned.

“How could she? She would have no idea who we are, you dolt. That’s it, we know Roris is around here, if we have to knock down every door in this sleepy village to find him we will, but I’m going to get that damn schematic back first!” The large man grunted as he started to approach the girl. “Hey Girly!” He shouted abruptly. “I believe yer holdin’ something of mine!” He began to chuckle with a twisted grin.

Tapered ears flicked as she turned to the one she could only assume was addressing her, she cowered back some at the immense size of the man. “Holding something of yours?” she tilted her head back and forth before she shrugged. “Sorry but I think you’ve got the wrong person.”
She giggled nervously, “Look,” she held open her hands showing she held nothing. “See nothing.”
Why didn’t that seem to work? Peering at the man carefully, she took note of his attire and how he seemed so proud in his tattoos to let them all hang out. He reeked of trouble and she as certainly hoping to get out of it.

“Yeah sure you don’t.” he pointed towards her satchel, “Should’ve stayed home in bed little girl, now open the damn bag.”
She wanted to slap a hand to the satchel but she didn’t. There was no use in looking in a distressed idiot, although that was exactly what she was.
Instead she pointed to it; “This?” she laughed nervously again, “Oh that’s just decoration. You know I thought it really brought this outfit all together. I mean seriously,” she waved a hand forward, “All these browns and tans does nothing for me. Add a little blue here like theses belts and then this green satchel, perfect. Its cute isn’t it?” she leaned forward, “Did you want me to tell you where to find one for you, the shop is a couple villages back but I bet they have a couple left.”

His eyebrow twitched as she could feel the sweat prickling at the back of her neck. This was certainly getting her nowhere. “Listen here you lippy little girl, just hand it over and maybe we will take it easy on you.” His hand came out, “Last chance.”

She swallowed hard, “Oh sure, just let me get my rags out of it first. I mean I was using it for you know,” she made a slight look up and down the man before she stretched her mouth out in a sucking breath, “That time of the month. It’s always so hard to find a good spot for them without having them all out in public.” She picked up the satchel as she began to open taking her time to pretend she was searching through it. “Oh here we-” she thrust the satchel at the man before turning tail to run with the folded paper in her hands. “Go!”
She must have caught the man off guard as she began to run inwards into the town, as all she could hear was a couple muffled swears and him being utterly pissed off that she took off running.
“Oh for the love of the gods, what did I do to piss off the heavens!” she ran wildly through the town, easily making a scene with the late night citizens.

Watching the girl he sighed loudly. Looking over to his right a rooster cawed at him. “Don’t even get me started.” He mumbled. Sliding off the roof he landed in a wagon full of seed. Leisurely he emptied his boots over the side of the wagon. “I better get laid out of this or something.” He slipped his boots back on as he slid into the dark alley ways.

The large tattoo man roared in a furious rage, tearing the satchel in half. “Get Her!” He screamed. They all began to chase her down the streets as she screamed in a shrill cry. His heavy boots stomped up dirt as he lunged towards her with each step. He was gaining on her along side the other two men. Did she really think she could outrun them? He laughed as he loomed over her. As he could feel his finger tips brushing against the fabric of her clothes when out of nowhere his ankles were yanked out from under him, leaving him hit the ground in a tremendous thud.
The wind knocked right out of him he rolled over to see what exactly was going on. All three men had been pulled to the ground with one fell swoop as a thick rope had been laced around their ankles. “What…” He gasped for air, “In Sam’s… Hell?”
A fair distance down the dirt road stood a figure too hard to make out through the floating dust. As the dust cleared it appeared to be an elf with a sword thrown over his shoulder in a nonchalant stance. Silver eyes glinted in the moonlight as he watched the three men squirm to their feet.

“Get lost pretty boy,” The red vested man snorted at him.

“I would love to, but quite frankly, I’m quite content where I am. Perhaps you would fancy moving on yourselves? I think you’ve done a good enough job scaring this young lady.” He stretched and yawned. This was turning out to be a long night already.
“You best keep your nose clean of other people’s business; it’ll get you in a heap of trouble there kid!” The red vested man started to approach him.
“That’s some advice five years too late, I’m afraid.” Stabbing his sword into the ground he pulled the satchel out from hiding. “And quite honestly, I don’t think you want to come any closer. I’ve got something quite nasty in here, and he’s quite perturbed at me for putting him in here. I’m sure he’d be more then happy to show you how pissed he is.”

The man seemed to call his bluff as the he walked up to loom over him. “I’m not here to play games, boy.” His voice was about as rough as his breath was pungent. Smirking he didn’t flinch at the man’s scare tactics. “Hey, think fast!” Throwing the satchel up in the air, the toad came floating out of it. The moment the man recognized what was in the pouch he flinched, just enough time for him to sweep his leg under the man to take out his legs. As he landed on his back the toad landed on his face.

Turning an eye to the other two men, they were shocked as how fast everything had occurred, before they could come to the aid of the other man with two hand springs and a leap through the air he landed in front of them clashing their two heads together hard enough to leave them in a heap on the ground. All the dust that this had disturbed left him shrouded.

Slowly he walked back over to his blade. Pulling it from the ground it rang a smooth sound which he could never grow tired of. Looking toward where the girl had been running he couldn’t see anything through the dust. All he could see was two unconscious men and one frothing at the mouth having a seizure.

She could have sworn she felt the ground tremble with the falling of the men, forcing her to whip around to see the scene. Glancing down to her hands then up to the heavens, she couldn’t help but feel utterly confused. Where the gods finished with tormenting her now?
Pulling her body up close to the siding of a homestead, she watched in disbelief as she slightly recognized the ecchial standing there with the sword cast over his shoulder. There was no possible way he was coming to her aid now, was there.
Apparently her eyes hadn’t been lying.

Watching the entire scene unfolding with lippy cracks and raw talent from the ecchial, she felt her jaw hanging open in reprieve. There would be no way she would have ever been able to get her purse back from him, especially when he was packing some sort of frogs and swords. Such a tactic was unheard of and yet it worked.
The shroud of dust covered the ecchial in a mystic veil as she felt her heart sitting up in her throat. This night was too weird for comfort.
Side stepping out of her safety of the home siding, she raised an eyebrow at the scene. Surely she should have been running screaming some more, but was there any use? Swallowing her fears and holding a breath in, she kept her gaze on the ecchial in the dust cloud.
Placing her hands to her hips, she leaned forward while her brows knitted tightly. “Hey you jerk face,” she called out to him trying to make herself sound bigger than she was, “You think just because you are playing hero that I am going to forget what you did earlier? Give me back my purse otherwise…” she stammered for a moment, “Otherwise the gods will frown at you, and that’s not a good thing.”
She was just a child trying to take on a giant with that sort of attitude. “Uh… please?” she decided she might as well throw that in there.

Rubbing his eyes he walked up to the girl. He rested his right hand on the sheathed weapon. Inspecting her with one eye, she wasn’t a gleaming sight to behold; a little plain, flat blonde hair, with brown eyes. She was in a leather garb, only having some of her abdomen showing, thick leather gloves. The only thing of interest was a key which hung on a necklace. Shrugging some, he could have done better, but beggars can’t be choosey he decided.
“That’s some way to thank me.” He murmured. “Honestly, you expect anyone to listen to you when you whine like that?” Walking around her half heartedly he didn’t take his eye off her. “Besides, I think I’ve earned this, don’t you?” He pulled the wallet from his hidden pocket.

Seeing him studying her as if she was some sort of bug, she instinctively wrapped her arms around her torso. ‘What is he looking at?’ she thought silently to herself.

“Whine?” she repeated to him only to stare at him with some confusion. “I didn’t think I was whining.” She tapped a finger to her chin before she shrugged, “I mean I could have offered you something if you hadn’t stolen it. Plus, that,” she pointed to the wallet as he pulled it out, her lips turning into a thin grim line, “Doesn’t belong to me. Master Roris gave that to me, I don’t think it’s very noble of anyone to steal.”

Combing back her blonde hair, she let out a huff, “You are a cruel man, but I am asking nicely, please can I have that back? Otherwise you should have just let those monsters catch me, ‘cause I am certain my master is going to be less lenient than they could have ever been.”

She opened a palm, “Plus, if you give it back I’ll make sure to tell my master what happened and well,” she rolled her eyes some with a quaint smile, her voice turning an octave higher trying to lure him in, “he is a very wealthy man. I am sure he could reward you five times more than just that little purse.”

Sighing he winced lightly before throwing the wallet over to her. If she connived any louder he would have had a headache. “Look, I don’t need money. If you feed me and give me a place to sleep, I’ll be gone before you wake. Listening to those men for the past half an hour has made me far too weary to travel.” He folded his arms and shook his head in a dreary sweat. “Some days I amaze myself how nice I can be…” He mumbled under his breath.

Surprise reflecting in her eyes as she fumbled the wallet in a sad attempt to catch it before she managed to wrangle it up in her arms without any of the coins spilling out! Letting out a relieved sigh at the sudden change of good fortune that the man was willing to give, it made a weight disperse off her shoulders.
“Well I can’t promise you anything, its all up to my mentor.” Adjusting her frame to stand erect she frowned realizing she had already tossed the satchel at the barbarian of a man earlier. She would have to carry the purse out in sight, though after all that commotion she highly doubted anyone else would try their luck. “But you are more than welcome to come along and seek some hospitality from him.” She tilted her head with a warm smile almost seeming like she had forgotten he had stolen from her in the first place.

“Do you have a name, or should I just call you Blondie?” He looked up at her into her eyes waiting for her to lead them to a meal.

Ears twitched to his muttering, “You say something?” she blinked before she heard him speaking to her again as those oddly silver eyes peered over her. “Blondie?”
She rubbed a gloved palm to her cheek, “Well yeah I’ve got a name, doesn’t everyone?” she enquired innocently back; “Suppose since you stopped being a thief and did help me out, proper etiquette should be extended back.” She was more or less stating the last sentence to herself before she blew some of her hair out of her face. “Wyllow is my name, and if you want to try your luck with my master then you might as well hurry along. It wont be long until someone starts to report the scuffle.” She gave a short wave towards him, beckoning him to follow.

“Wyllow?” He questioned as he followed distantly behind her. “Your mommy must’ve liked trees something fierce to name you that.” He shrugged, “Guess that’s a sad affair for you.” He glanced around, seemed to be that the people hadn’t quite forgotten who he was, and yet this girl didn’t seem to even pay mind to him, or notice everyone hiding. She must’ve not been present that morning, either that or she really was more clueless then even he was giving her credit for.

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