Within the world there stood tall and there stood small; races born to that of great power and others destined to fall to their knees, seeking the everlasting refuge that may never come. Lost from the eyes of the glory of Casbael; few races flourished without the guaranteed help leaving only one empire in the end to be standing; Eshelle.

Born of land and water, the creatures were deemed Jukin: One of two elements- Noble and proud, they sought simple perfection with all they had created by psychical, mental and emotional means. Striving for all that was glorified; the race united under one man who paved the way towards their cultivated survival.

Living under the name of Emperor; the jukin lands became rich with prosperity, basking in the light of their smiling gods; offering their tributes with a humbling reverence as it appeared that they had created for themselves a paradise that rested upon its pedestal, never fearing the eventual fall from their perch.

Tradition cast aside with his devious ascension to the throne, a single being, more beast than a man sat upon the blood, sweat and tears of his subjects with little grievance. Forgetting the divine to turn his greedy attention to the temptation of sins; the man that was emperor began to cast his people into a quarry of failure. Once glorious, lands broke into the pale vision of what it had been a time ago. Men fell to the Emperor’s rapacity, staining the walkways a gruesome scene, striking fear and quiet desperation into the hearts of many. Respect became regret and turned into bile in their hearts, but none could face the slaughter. Cowering in their memories of their past lives; the Emperor held the reigns tight in his fist, forever breaking what Eshelle had been into a grim future that had not relieving light in sight.

Few time and time dared to confront the cruel Emperor’s rule only to be struck down where they stood, creating a rift between the men and women of black and white that once served the throne with legendary loyalty. There was no honor in pledging themselves to an defined death, and with the hatred blossoming in their hearts, the few began to silently work with others to eventually dethrone the tyrant.

Through the ash and cinders of the city of water and land; Casbael had made their appearance to offer a salvation to the people hoping to enrich the life of them, bringing them back to the glory that was only heard in stories now. Rather than heed the help that was being given, Balindro twisted their words, bringing taint and lies into the deliverance; casting the Casbael representative out of the city, heaping blame onto that of the black and white soldiers.

Time was slipping quickly through their fingers, creating a hole in the plans that were still in their plotting stages. The hard work that had been put into devising the sanctity of all jukin’s would never see the light of day; as the iron fist of the Emperor came crashing through.

Blood and strife ripping through the heavens that night, men woman and children struck down without a thought, left to bathe in their eternal cruor. Smoke rose to ring in the night of hell, the beings who had been the protection for others, the men of white and black had been cast off like molted skin; forcing them to seek their own safety outside of their homelands, leaving many to parish and others to be lost to time and space.

War began to rage on the lands as the Emperor broke the continent into two halves rather than one whole, forever creating Dasul and Alamuar. Brethren fought against each other, Orca’s winning at times and Corals the others. it was a stalemate that saw no chance of letting up as long as one side still had breath in their lungs.

As the days turned into months, months turned into years and years turned into a decade of never ending hell upon the soil. It appeared the civil war was to become a etching in the history of Flycoren until the unforeseen happening came crashing in with a mighty blow against the Orca’s. Another being of unknown origin had come to collect the domains of all Jukin as their own territory, pointing their attention firstly to the subpar home of the Orca’s. Not wanting to flee another home for any reason, many of the generals that had banded together in pods, had attempted to push back the new assailants with only great consequences. In the end, a single pod had remained to allow others to flee to the underwater city that was the last stronghold against that of Balindro and the new beast that came seeking their lands.

In turn, the last remaining man who held his pod at steady, fell in battle forever handing off the General ranking to that of Maco Crest, albeit prematurely to the young Jukin’s dismay. Without the knowledgeable leadership of his mentor, father figure and friend, Maco had made the final decision to send the remaining men to Refuge City – striking a nerve that would be difficult to mend.

Time favours no one as the fates spin their everlasting wheel setting out the destiny of all; it would only be a short time till this new plaguing army that ousted the Orca’s to strike at Eshelle and seize the lands forevermore.

With destiny though, no one can accurately predict when there will be twists and turns in the roads. Lost on an island far south and bathed in humid warmth, a single female Orca begins to set a new fate for herself and for her people alongside the aid of two unusual beings, a strange folk known to be Audae.

How will the story unfold now with the strings of fate begin pulled from so many directions…

Welcome to Flycoren Kausim!