I didn’t miss an update yaaaa-a-aaa–… ~ Not much to report this week I’m afraid, so I’m going to go pass out right now. Maybe Mana can edit this afterwards, she’s got more interesting things on the go over I…

Mana’s Edit: holy hell can the man get any more tedious and boring? Lord love a duck, come on there is only so much downer i can handle!

Alright peeps and peepettes; lord and ladies i’ve got to make this post a lot more interesting!

Firstly has anyone noticed that we are on the 24th page of the new chapter one! That is legit awesome beans of pure pwnage and that translates over too soon… Soon my pretties the third chapter will begin. Oh man i have never been so excited to get started on yet another chapter, only because we have been working on this comic for three or more years. So many mistakes and rough patches, i think we are all ready for the new chapter.

As well with that means, printing will soon begin. Ahhh yeah! Which of course the printing of the comic will have bonus material that isn’t even offered on the site or on our DA accounts. All new stuff that is only going to be in the print. Now that is just simply spectacular, at least in my mind.

Secondly, hopefully soon Elginive will get the new website up and loaded for everyones viewing pleasure. Cause personally, i am sick of looking at this site atm. So bland and boring, could have a nap here easily. Partly because i know what the new site looks like and hell it puts this one to shame, stomps on it and sends it home crying to mama. Its just weak, i think we need to start harassing him to work on Flycoren. Though he is working on another awesome fellows comic site atm, so when thats finish hopefully his attention reverts home to where it should be. Hint hint babe.

Alright all you lovely people out there in cyber lands, come on back next week for another update of both Kausim and Traced. It’ll be worth every ones time.

But nonetheless, here is another segment to Traced Impressions as per usual :)