Last Page of the First Chapter! oh my oh my… now what… now what… oh wait. We’ve got another Chapter to do. Moving onto the Third Chapter? Really? This is going to be a refreshing feeling I think, for both Mana and I. When we made the decision to redo the first chapter, it was necessary, in more ways than one- and we are so happy we did. The amount of improvement we’ve made over the year, in both our Story telling ability, as well as overall Quality on the comic… to me, has made all the difference. And though it’s set us back a whole year (wow, it’s already November!) I wouldn’t change it.

Honestly… I really have to thank you, as the reader- you all seem to be coming out of the most unexpected places, because we really don’t advertise or … for that matter, even keep up a web presence aside from this lil’ ol’ site, but you come in each week to read. That is the biggest reason we keep on going with this. So for that, really means more than anything. To be able to share Flycoren with you is our life’s goal, and we only hope we can share it with more and more people in the future.

Flycoren as a whole is still very much in its infancy, we’ve hardly scratched the surface, so it’s hard for me to portray how much excitement I have when I want to show you all that I can in one giant explosion of Story, but I hope you can get a glimpse of it each week in both our current stories, Traced Impressions and Kausim.

So thanks for sticking around, and hope you continue to enjoy reading Flycoren, I can assure you, it’ll only keep getting better from here 😀

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