Ah Cameo the Crab returns, we have so many wonderful ideas for him, I can’t wait to see them come to fruition! Countless tales have been told of this epic crab. If you want to join in the fun that is Cameo, I invite you to draw a picture / comic strip, (or even if you can’t draw, something creative will do!) with Cameo in it, doing whatever crabs do- the great thing about being a cameo, and a crab, he doesn’t even need to be in the foreground, or a upfront part of the comic / picture to count as a cameo! And then send/email a link to the image that he appears and a website if you have one, and we’ll give credit where it’s due and link to your site. If you don’t have a site, no need to worry, we can still give you credit :).

I think this will be Extremely fun! Let’s see how well traveled Cameo is, if I get enough of these accumulated I will make a Travel Cameo “Scrap Book”- and have everyone’s pictures (with your links still attached :) ) in one place for all to browse!

Now help me spread Cameo across the world! mwahahah!