Hello everyone! Hope you had a good week. I don’t have much special to say this week! But I know Mana does, so I’m hoping she’ll edit this and add what she will *nudge nudge / wink wink* It’s all yours Mana :D…


I think that was my cue to enter into the lime …er I mean blog light for a moment or… more. You know me, I will type up a good page and a half for you all to read when I take over the site for a bit.
Making my attempt, I will try -don’t hold me too it- to keep it short sweet and simple.
A lot of changes have been happening recently to the site, some small some larger that people may or may not notice. I notice cause well, Andrew shows to me first nyah but that is only a sliver of why I am point that out. At the bottom of our page and like many other websites out there, there is affiliations in our footer. Typically when you do such a thing, you really want to attempt to link yourselves with your own community. Crazy cat lady links to three headed lady that has world record of cats in one room house, sort of thing. You know your crowd.
Flycoren is the web comic to only one head of this hydra that has become Retro Dragon; so I think that gives us more reign in a wider affiliation… don’t quote me on it.
If anyone knows me from that hole over there in the ground, I am an advent Rper -not that kinky bedroom stuff perverts- but a person who enjoys flourishing her ideas with other wondrous writers to combine a story of marvelous nature and see how one can stump and overcome the other. One day I hope to have the world of Flycoren as its own RP -anyone recall Traced Secrets? Well that sort. Flycoren is a massive world with culture, religions, races, deep bestiary, lore and more that one day I hope a lot of people will be a part of. But that’s in the future; so for now I meander around the net looking for good places to rp – namely forums. Granted I am old school style where I started back in the MSN chat days, and para rp is sorta still new to me. Dice rp, yeah no way I am experienced there and really it does not intrigue me in the least, but I digress. I am a part of three sites that I have, will and am participating in rp’s.
The first one is Aserra; a world created by a lovely lady and a brilliant mind Jessica Vincent and you need to do a LOT of reading to get right into this one. It’s a challenge for myself but it is worth looking into if you want deep structure and laws without diddling around. I still participate in this one, but not too much.
Secondly is WTFRPG; honestly one of the most interesting places I have been a part of and met many great people here. The way the site is built to me is new aged and easy to work through. There are hundreds of ways to create a new rp game and willing bodies to work, teach and help you. I say this place is a great start to any new rper and who just wants to write!
Thirdly and the newest addition to the affiliations of Flycoren/Retro Dragon is RPdom. I have only just recently discovered this place and already I can damn well tell you; it has caught my attention. I will admit I am still extremely skittish to jump into an rp on this site, it seems so brilliant with so many great people that I worry I would bog down any rp’s that I might join. So I can’t stay I have rped yet on it, cause I haven’t but I have read a lot and honestly spoken with what I think is most of the staff, only to be encouraged to be a part of this community. They are really a great place and I love just lurking about; checking about on the staff and really feeling utterly spoiled by the gentle small sort of town feel this place has. I strongly suggest checking them out – not just because we are affiliated with them- but I guarandamntee that this place will make you smile and brighten the blooming need to rp. Plus if you just want to read some wickedly written rp’s this is your place!
Okay that’s my blurb mostly; what I am going to finish with is the comic is up for sale, and just pass us around the net a little bit to boost our popularity if you all would be so kind.
Here’s mud in your eyes;