warrrgggggg ~.~ so didn’t really accomplish much this weekend, kinda a bummer, but nice in the point of view that I got to play games this weekend, haven’t really done that in a long time. Also I’ve been playing Minecraft again, I’m really enjoying it, been playing with my Bro and Mana, we are creating quite the world XD.

Also finally got our Entertainment Unit from Mana’s sister, it completes the house finally (though it’s kinda falling apart and isn’t in the greatest of condition, but it was free, so can’t complain…)

On topic of Flycoren, this strip in particular, I really enjoyed working on this one, getting to recreate scenes that are in previous strips, (Ahem), really gets to see how our comic has evolved over the past couple of years. I can only hope it continues to improve!

have a wonderful week. ;D