Hello to all!

How are you this week? Hope everyone had a good long weekend (Turkey Day in Canada mmmmmm :3)

I’ve changed some things on the site, I’ve put up a quick “About” Page, finally getting some more info about us and the comic / Flycoren in General.

Also! I’ve added a subscription option, so if you want to get an email when we update, just hit the subscribe button! You can also get emails when someone responds to your comments now, so it’s easier to know if Mana or I have responded to you. I’ve been wanting that option for ages. ^^’

And guess what comes out TOMORROW :D! Vol. 1! The time has come. I’m not as well prepared as I would like to be I’m afraid. But for being the first time around, it is what it is I suppose ~.~’

It’s 82 pages of Chapter 1 & 2 Goodness, plus 10 bonus pages going deeper into the World of Flycoren! Just some of the things that are talked about are Character, Casbael (And the Temples) the Jukin and Audae Races!

Plus a free bookmark! It’s a super glossy nice bookmark :3

Mana and I have worked as hard as possible to make this a high quality and worth the purchase. I mean, the reality is, reading it for free and then asking for money on something such as this, it was important to make it worth it. And though my opinion is most certainly biased because I love Flycoren to absolute bits and pieces, but I think it’s sooo epic and shiny that I want everyone to have one also :D.

Buy Volume I Here!