Another week! And the end of Chapter 3 o___o I can’t believe it, this is the longest chapter we’ve done, and it felt like it flew by. I’m stoked for the next chapter though, it’ll be the best one yet, and finally get into a lot of the things that probably don’t really make sense yet.

The first two chapters were really about introducing the characters and the setting. It’s finally time to get the story in motion. A lot has happened since we started the comic and it’s been quite a trip. Honestly when we started this webcomic it was meant only for fun. There wasn’t even a story! We just started drawing and coloring. Some of you may remember the original Chapter 1 that was up here, and well… that only showed how poor of a story there was. We made the choice to sacrifice moving the story forward and instead redo the first chapter. Which if you know much about the Webcomic community, is a big no no.

But I feel it has only strengthened our readership- We now have committed people who comment each week, Kion, Tember and I’ll even thank Sesshy though she’s not able to comment as often. :) I look forward to your guys’ comments each week. It’s a huge part of why I keep going!

And since then we have published and printed our first Volume of the comic, and that was a huge personal achievement for me. It proved the fact that with determination and commitment anything can be accomplished.

Though there is one factor that often gets overlooked, and not mentioned enough, especially on this site. The True reason why Flycoren even exists in the first place. Mana. She is the creator of Flycoren, and she’s been gracious enough to bring me along for the ride and allow me to help create this world. She’s often in the background around this place, largely because I’m the one who does all the uploading and techy things that make this place look shiny. But it’s her who works so hard to make this a color webcomic and a comic that sounds like a real story. And for that I can’t thank her enough. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else now, Flycoren has become my life- reason for existing. I’m determined to share this story with all of you, and I know Mana has that strength in her heart as well. Even if she’s not a facet in the forefront all the time.

So I hope you look forward to Chapter 4 everyone. This is going to be the next step to better art, story and more Flycoren than ever before!