Yup! Keeping it brief this week, I didn’t do some of the things I was suppose to do ~.~’ been Playing Guild Wars 2….. …. it’s a great game though!



Hey ya’ll, while my loving husband may not have much to say, it would appear that I do! Yes Guild Wars 2 is an awesome freakin game that I am easily and happily addicted to, I will say that in fact this week has been nothing but wicked.

As of last thursday in our little home town of like 13,000 people we had a little convention thing that is held at the other building myself and my co workers happen to maintain. It was called REVS and it really has diddly squat to do with comics but we went into it anyways not sure what to expect. Well anywho we did awesome by my standards.

We brought a lot of attention to ourselves in our own community, and looks like we might be doing a bunch more things that honestly I didn’t even think about. Like courses and stuff for kids, but that is now in the thinking process.

Either way, we did awesome and really got ourselves out there. Flycoren is my baby and I plan on nuturing it until the day i die!

Thanks for everyones support online and in the real world! You are all too awesome!