rawwwwrrrr ~.~ Good Day to all! Been a super busy week for Mana and I (well at least for me, Mana can decide for herself if she was busy! hahaha) Anyway, been doing a lot of promotional work for another part of the Retro-Dragon business, I don’t normally mention it here because, well frankly unless you really dig Starcraft II, it may be something you would over look- Anthony Graham, one Mana and I’s partners in crime runs a Stream in which he Casts Live Starcraft II games and were holding a huge Tournament (with some decent prizes) this Upcoming Saturday (February 11th). I will post more info on it later this week :D. But you can always watch the normal Cast 1PM-3PM Mountain-Time for Europe games, and 6PM-8PM for North American Games- all Daily! Just go on over to the channel here: Nostalgia Talex

Annnd other than spreading the word for that, I am boring as per usual, still settling into our new home :D- Been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender again… I love that show so much. :)