Another Week! whuuuuuttt D:! Well.. I suppose, the only way to look at this is… SPRING IS COMING. At least… the weather is deceiving me into thinking so. Being able to walk outside in a t-shirt without a coat is a nice change of pace. But watch, turn my back and we’ll get our yearly blizzard. All I can say is it better not happen in May this year. I will be disgruntled.

Mana and I have been working fervently over the past couple of weeks fufufufufu :3- we kind of ended up going in a different direction with our bonus content for the book, so it’s going to be EVEN better then what we were originally planning, but it’s going to take us more time to get us caught back up ~.~ sorry about that. BUT it will be magnificent, shiny, and possibly golden. Well, at least it’ll be magnificent and shiny. And we all love Shiny, don’t we?

Oh, and Tember, I had said there may be a prize? Well, go on over and Vote And you shall receive a gift 😀