Whew! Made it in time! that makes me happy. Soo, been packing and slowly moving things here and there- Going to be doing the biggest (and hopefully final) move this weekend, I again apologize in advance if there is any particularly weird delays in the coming week, we work as HARD as possible to avoid such things, but just in the rare rare case that we fall short on this promise, I am very very sorry.

So, I’ve been super boring this week, other than work, packing, and well, more work, I have done nothing of interest. D:!

So, instead I want to know how your week was, I am curious as to what you have been up to this past week, read anything interesting? how about something in the webcomic community, what comics do you like? I’d love to see links to other comics you read! That would be cool. 😀 Yeah.