Good Week everyone! And a happy Monday. So Mana and I have been quite fantastically busy as of this past week, we’ve been in the process of buying a home, and things have finally gone through :D! Our possession date it set for the 17th of this month, and we haven’t started packing yet ;_;- but! it’s not like we have to super rush the whole thing, we may paint before we move in anyway.

During this whole process, I don’t think it’ll affect our schedule (nothing else has…) we are too dedicated to getting an update each week to let that happen, it’s kinda messed up the whole printing process for our book, but I am doing what I can to get that complete.

Also on a more interesting note, I recently discovered something known as Comic Creators for Freedom. I have the link to their site just below. I’m quite disappointed that I missed participating in 2011’s round, however they are working for a great cause, and some really good charities. Basically comic creators from all around participated in drawing their character in an epic snowball fight against other comic creator characters, and in order to get this “Wallpaper” you donate, which all proceeds go towards the charities listed on the site. Some of the more prominent Artists you may recognize it Lar de Souza from Least I Could Do/ Looking For Group, Danielle Corsetto from Girls with Slingshots, Crystal Yates from Earthsong– And soooo many more talented artists, it’s worth the donation for an awesome wallpaper, and next year for sure I’ll make sure to get Belle in there, promise. ;P-