KERBOOM! Or something along those lines.

What a week, I’m glad that it’s passed ~.~’ Work practically K.O.d me. Just in case you’re wondering where this weeks podcast is, I’m just finishing it up now! So, it’ll be up some time today (Today being Monday of the update). Sorry it’s late, I got busy getting ready for Taxes, and also! Bought a new car on Saturday, so I was getting all the things I needed for the paper work and such.

It was a busy weekend for us! I just got a 2012 Chevy Sonic. It’s a pretty cool little car, and it’s funny coz it’s a really nice blue, so it kinda looks like Sonic the Hedgehog. I think it’s awesome, I need to get some Sega decals now lol. More likely I’ll be slapping a nice big Retro-Dragon logo on it XD! That thought makes me giggly and excited.

[EDIT] Podcast is up now! This weeks Topic is: Races, an overall look, and in depth info on Crussido and Ecchial! Enjoy! [/EDIT]