Hello everyone! Hope things are well.

Very happy with how this strip turned out, I worked hard on the background! Learned a few new techniques as well… I’ll make it into an incentive, I just don’t have time (at the time of this upload)- So I’ll update this post when I get that far.

This chapter is going to be so much fun- it’s been weird drawing all these characters again, it’s literally been over a year since I last drew them! Though I didn’t miss drawing armor in every panel, haha- I’m sure Mana didn’t either.

I can really tell we are getting closer to Christmas, everyone is decorating ^^’ it makes it hard for me to hold on just a little while longer. But I did put up our Christmas lights last week, and slowly here and there ornaments are popping up :P… Oh well, I can be patient awhile longer, I at least like to wait until December starts.

Anyways I’m out for now! Also, if you didn’t see the title page, it’s the post right before this one, check it out!