Whew! Call it the last Page of 2012! Can’t get much closer to the last day then that!

It’s been a good year for Flycoren, a new site, our first volume got published, wonderful and fantastic fans :D! and Mana and I are planning 2013 to be even more amazing than this year!

How, you may ask? Well. For starters we are dedicating 2013 to Flycoren: Archives. Now, up until now we’ve hardly ever talked about Archives before. You’ve seen our characters all over the place, and the ones you may recognize (even on the characters page) Are Rhye, Grey, Crow and Dalia.

These four characters are the literal start for Flycoren. More-so Rhye and Grey. But Archives is their story. The story that was meant to be first, before Kausim. It’s the story we have struggled to really tell. And largely it’s just due to it’s magnitude. It’s all in our heads, but it’s getting it out into reality that is the trick. This isn’t going to be a comic like Kausim, there is far too much of it to become a comic. Perhaps one day it’ll make it into this medium, or preferable animated. However this is a novel project.

Now, the big question or not is how is this going to affect the Flycoren you’ve come to love? Kausim will not change, that is, it will continue it’s normal routine, every Monday, with just the same quality you’ve come to expect. The site will continue to change here and there to better suite your needs, and hopefully will continue to expand upon the world of Flycoren. Our goal is to make this site the venue where you can truly explore how vast Flycoren really is. We’ve hardly hit the tip of the iceburg with Kausim, and we plan on sharing a lot more this year than we ever have, so I hope you are ready for that :).

Have a great year! And we hope we get to share part of that year each week with you. :D.