*Eating Candy Apple wife just provided* Oh? I’m supposed to say something… uhhh … uhhh, er, Hi! *munches some more*

Right! Comic, that thing. I’ve been working on the Character pages for the website (Not up juuuussst yet. But close) Hopefully I’ll have some done here soon. I’ll be sure to link them in this rant so that you can check them out. They look soo shiny 😀 Mana and I have kinda developed a new way to color things with a back and forth method similar to the comic, but more detailed. I won’t give away much more than that for now. I’ve just been working so much that it’s hard to find all the time I need to get that stuff finished .___. not that I’m trying to make up excuses! It’s just the perfectionism in me that wants it to match the level of quality I expect. Which Mana might say is too high sometimes ^^’ But she knows that’s why she loves me, haha.

Anyways, just to let you know, we will still be updating on the 24th, even though it’s Christmas Eve, so I would still love to see you guys on Monday, but I’d understand if you are busy. :) Have a great week!