Good Day All! So now that I’ve listened to Kung-fu fighting to death I’m ready to start a new week!

I don’t know what kind of anime you all watch (though I think I’m safe to assume if you read Flycoren you enjoy anime to some level) But I’ve been really digging one called Sword Art Online lately. If you haven’t watched it, but you’re into the MMO scene, it’s an addicting anime to watch o__o. It really inspires me for Flycoren I have to say- just ask Mana, I even RP’d with her more than I usually do! haha.

But It’s definitely on my top recommendation list if you haven’t watched it. Funimation has also announced dubbing of the Second Season of Fairy Tail, to be released July 23rd of this year. I know not everyone likes to watch the English dubbing of anime. But I personally feel, so long as it’s done right, can still be just as enjoyable. That’s just me though.

Sword Art Online is all subbed however, and I’ve certainly enjoyed that one thoroughly. So if you haven’t already, Google it, now.

Buh-Bye now :)