From flood to Heat Wave… I don’t get this weather of ours. o_o’… and apparently almost record temperatures down in Death Valley? Crazy guys, just crazy.

But all is good, things have been pretty normal around here, got some decent amount of time off work, so I’m planning on enjoying it and spending time with Mana and our son, go exploring to some places we’ve never been and walk around. And apparently my mother in-law wants Mana and I to start tanning or something to prepare us for our Vegas trip at the end of this month… lol, something about not burning?

I know it’s hot, but I’ve never gone tanning in my life, and was quite okay with that. I’m quite capable of going outside and doing it the old fashioned way. haha.

But, on this week we have a special present for you! Been waiting to get this done for awhile now, but had the time this weekend! And Kion, just so you know I drew this one with you in mind. lol- initially I drew this when you asked if you got a prize for being the first commenter a few weeks ago, well maybe this is your prize. πŸ˜€

So go on over and Vote to get this awesome Wallpaper, It’s super shiny!


Anyway, I hope things are going well with all of you, and if you’re affected by the heat, go get some ice cream. :)