So, Mana and I have been having a crazy week, I have to say. Now. Some, if not many of you may be aware that we live in Canada. And we pride ourselves on being a Western Canadian Webcomic (if you know of more people who have a Webcomic and are from this region, please do introduce us!)

Now what you may not know is that we live very close to a city known as Calgary in Alberta. Over the span of three days almost all of Mid to Southern Alberta has been hit be absolutely massive flood from extreme amounts of rain in both the local area and in the Rocky Mountains, which still had a substantial amount of ice and snow from the winter. The rain melted this at an extreme rate and on top of that we’ve received way more rain than normal. It’s still not over, as the flood is working itself south as we speak, and communities are getting hit as it travels. Any communities near a river called the Bow River, and many other Rivers, such as the Red Deer River rose to extreme levels and caused so much damage.

What really puts that in perspective for me personally, is that at the exact same time last year, we were on vacation in a town called Canmore, which over the last few days has literally washed away where I was staying.

I have never seen a disaster of this calibre this close to home in my entire life, only ever seen it on TV and heard about it in the news- it’s so surreal, and I can’t even describe the feeling of seeing it happen, and knowing people… tons of people, personally and watching them all lose their homes. Watching the Army come in groves driving through our town to go help people. Hearing sirens all day, radio stations turned into emergency evacuation distribution. It’s crazy. I’d have to say I’ve grown up pretty sheltered from such things, stuff like this just doesn’t happen in our corner of the world. So I feel for those who have to deal with flooding on a regular basis, or tornadoes touching down every year, going through hurricanes and flooding all the time. Our dinky little Bow river has never done such a thing, not even close. No one was ready for it, there’s no flooding protocol- no protection against such things.

Now that I’ve said all this, there’s no need to worry about us. Oddly enough Mana and I have chosen a town that is fed by Calgary’s water via pipes, and live nowhere near a river. So our only real issue is limit on the water usage, and a Boil Water advisory which is already over with. So life goes on for us, almost normal- despite all this.

If you want a better picture of it all This Sums it up fairly well

So yep… just an overall crazy week. Not looking for pity or nothing, as I said, lots of places in the world this kind of thing happens. Just thought you would be interested to know for once what’s happening in our corner. I usually am boring and have nothing to say, but not this week.

Have a good one, and stay dry. :)