[EDIT]Just wanted to leave a quick message to apologize for the August 2nd down time, if you tried to visit at any point during the day. It seems a large span of Hosters, ei. BlueHost, HostGator and some others I’m less familiar with went down today for well over 12 hours >.<'- I'm not entirely sure what the full problem was, just that they were having severe issues correcting the crash that occurred early around 9AM. So I apologize for the downtime, though I had no control over it, I feel like it's my responsibility to provide you with a comic that is up 24/7 for our viewers. This is why we chose to make a webcomic in the first place. And when that fails to happen, I am disappointed and feel like I have failed at our job. So I hope that to those who tried to visit will return, but again would like to apologize for today. Thanks, have a good week :) [/EDIT]

Well, Back from Vegas! We had a good trip for sure, weather was excellent there. It only really got cloudy on the last day. But I mean, compared to our weather it was so much warmer there. I loved it, that’s my kind of heat. Mana, not so much- but I loved it haha. Coming back here, it feels cold, even though it’s pretty normal weather here ~.~ saddening.

We pretty much stuck to the Strip, exploring all the shops and things to see. Didn’t go to any shows this time around, we’ll do that next time I think :). It was definitely a cool experience, seeing a lot of new things, and spending more money than we should lol. Honestly though, we only gambled like $10.00 lol, that’s not so much our thing.

But glad to be back! We have a lot of work to do. This chapter is finishing up, and Volume II can be heard distantly?… Onward!