Whell! Certainly a challenge to update the comic during the holidays this year. The way everything was positioned made it much more challenging. I don’t remember having so much trouble finding the time for the comic last year? Oh well, After this next week things should be back to normal. Next weeks update might still be a little weird. This week you get a one panel Splash Page! Still looks shiny and pretty at the very least.

Hope Christmas was great for all of you :)- I had a good one, still playing around getting all my toys working. Got a Portable Hard-drive, so now I can properly back up all of our comics and art o__o’ Almost had a conniption when I was having trouble with my computer awhile back there, afraid I was going to lose all of our hard work. Never again! Mana also bought me the entire Series for Avatar: The Last Air Bender- so now I can watch it in high quality on my computer, rather than through Netflix, plus I get all of the special features (Which is what I really am excited for).

What were some of your favorite gifts? I’d love to know. :)

See you in the New Year!