I completely forgot to mention last week that we hit 200 pages! Turns out though, when I was feeling all sleepy and stuff, I was coming down with a bug… of some kind. I think I’m getting over it now though. Sleep was needed lol.

But 200 pages! that’s pretty cool! Considering we never expected this to actually become a ‘thing’. We really appreciate all of you that come and read each week! I do have to apologize though, I know we haven’t been super active lately as far as ‘extras’ or anything like that- It’s something I really want to get better at, after all, you guys deserve it, and it would be nice to have more to offer up over just the weekly comic. Both Mana and I have been working away at things, but nothing we can openly talk about yet- so those things keep us busy at this moment. Maybe I can bug her and we can do another wallpaper, if you guys would want that- let us know. :)