[EDIT] So, after debating what I’m going to be doing… I’ve come to realize that this site needs to be wiped clean and start new. From various updates and how WordPress / ComicPress to ComicEasel have all changed so drastically since the dawn of the comic. I am going to code from scratch. There is way too many messy codes within this site, and I since I have gotten better at coding, it really bothers me to no end now. Plus there are things that I drastically want to change, and I know it would leave fragments of code lying about if I were to just add onto what’s going on now. So… it shouldn’t stay plain slate for long, but it’s going to happen. Sooner than later. So do not be alarmed by the state of it. It will be temporary, and it will be better for it once I am done. :) [/EDIT]

Belle looks a lot like her mother, don’t you think :) Meet Elizabeth, Rayo’s wife… since she hasn’t really been mentioned/seen up to this point! Figured she would be worth showing 😛

Obviously she’s not thrilled about what’s going on… would you?

Suppose it’s time to go watch some Pokemon with my son, have a great week everyone!