Whoa… So, you have to be eternally grateful to Mana this week guys. She almost did the whole comic this week. Minus the background in the first Comic. My Computer bit the dust on Friday and I have been hooped out of being able to do anything for the past four days. Mana let me borrow her computer so I could finish the one BG and get the comic uploaded, so you would still get a strip this week! The BG is MUUCH different than I usually do, so I apologize. Without my normal brushes / textures / fonts and overall settings, I was way out of my normal zone of work. I did the best with what I could, and Mana picked up the rest of the slack for me <3. Hopefully everything will be back to normal next week, since I had news to announce. But I'll have to postpone that, sorry guys! Once I'm operational we'll get things back to 'normal'. Thanks, have a great week!