Howdy Hey all you wonderful viewers, passersby and periodic lurkers; I have finally made it back to my computer to actually sit down and write out what I’ve been wanting to say. So, this is how this beat goes this week. If all you marvelous sorts of people take a look or even noticed down in our affiliates area on the front page and all that jazzy stuff, we have added another site to that said somewhat tiny yet growing list.

And it’d do you all well to note that for once it is not a roleplaying site! No, this time we are pleased and so excited to affiliate ourselves with a Epic Chaos written and drawn by the multifaceted Melissa McCommon or as perhaps some of you may know her as Scar23! I recently – can’t remember how I stumbled upon it- came across this webcomic but I did. Details aside from my random passing by and prowling, I have taken a keen interest in the story plot which is still new in the making and absolutely full of bursting potential.

I am not going to go off on a tangent cause this rant will be about twenty pages long and I am leaving you, all you wonderful lurkers and readers to get your prying eyes over to Epic Chaos to read it for yourselves. I’ll tell you what though, it’s worth it entirely. Not to mention the fact that she has just recently redone her first chapter -hmmm why that sounds familiar- but is so vividly capable of her portraying her characters quirky emotions and facial expressions, that it makes this just one of those can’t stop reading until your forced too webcomics we are all looking for.

So here’s to a starting relationship between our webcomics and I wish Epic Chaos all the best endeavours in the future. Let your stars shine Melissa!

That’s it, now I must go numb my formula ridden mind with Minecraft. No judging me y’all. Have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week and we will see you all back here next monday!

Check it~