Ahhhh, hah… I don’t always laugh at our own comic, but when I do. I love this page, everything about it. The amount of detail was perfect.

This was initially where this chapter was going to end (Remember how we started part of this Chapter Prior?)…

Yeah, well… We decided to add another part. So think of this chapter as… Extended Edition?

Quite frankly, we added a TON to this chapter. I hope you guys enjoy this next part, as I had a lot of fun working
with Mana on this, and I feel like it’s our best writing so far. We felt like we were missing on an important
part of the story, and that it was very important to tell it in order for the story to make sense the way we intended. Honestly, as a learning experience- I think this chapter should have been conveyed a lot sooner, but when we started this Webcomic, we had none of this even planned, not like we do now. So it’s a sort of balancing act between this and the main arc. It’ll be nice to get this part of the story out in the open so that we can resume the main arc without interruption.

The nice thing about Kausim is that we are using it to experiment a lot and grow, our first story- and it really has come a long way in the time we’ve worked on it. So I hope we can keep getting better to make it worth the read!

Have a wonderful week. :)