Gah… I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not a person who goes out and gets a new phone every time the new thing comes out. I have a contract, and I wait it out every three years to get a new one. But this is the most impatient I’ve ever been to get a new phone >.<' Today I paid out my contract to get a new phone, but I have to wait until June 10th to get a new phone ._.' lesigh. Mostly because I want to switch over my provider, to the same one as my wife so that we share a bill, just so it's more convenient. I really just want a new phone though, mine dies like after one phone call, and I can't play hardly any games on it, because the download limit is like 10MB or something silly, so most games are bigger than that (the ones I want to play anyways...) like Heroes and Monsters. It would also be nice if I could use twitter and facebook properly, as my phone takes at least 10 minutes to access anything like that lol. Ah well... soon, soon- it will be so much nicer and I no longer have to be jealous of people with that convenience at their finger tips.