Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond everyone. I have been going through all of the polls that we put up, and we came to a conclusion of what we are going to do. But Firstly I would like to thank EVERYONE who participated in the polls, it helped an extreme amount in helping us decide what to do going forward. And quite realistically the response was better then we even hoped it would be, making the decision even harder to make. But the polls ultimately told us that we should redo the first Chapter.

With this discovery we’ve created an extra element of confusion into the mix for current readers and new readers alike, so to ease the process I’ve decided a Temporary URL in which we will be using until the new website is finished construction. So for now, this is the home of Flycoren.

I will be taking down the old site and putting up that site in this place to remove ALL of the extra nonsense and making it so hard for you guys to read the comic right now. I really appreciate the patience! It’s just a toss up right now because we’re moving all this week, so we’ve been extremely busy with both planning out this new chapter as well as packing- so hopefully once the dust settles you will have a much easier to navigate website, and we will have everything on track again. But until then, use this link to keep up with us, and expect some downtime on the main URL until I get it all straightened out, thank you!

~ Elginive