Wow! Already the last update of September, what’s happening to time? it’s just going faster and faster…

Last week I had said that I was working on some things in mind and was planning on adding some new content to this site. I had kinda wanted to save it for when the new site launched, but I’m going to test the waters a little bit I guess.

Mana and I have been doing a private RP between the two of us, and the story that has resulted will now be up to read, brand new characters, and a brand new adventure. It’s set on the same timeline as Kausim, only on a different side of the planet :) I’ll be updating more information on Characters and the like as time goes on, but I give to you the first Chapter! Be sure to let me know what you think, as this is all new, so feedback is appreciated!

I present to you Traced Impressions!