BLAH, I don’t know why FireFox is putting banding in Belle’s Hair with the shadow, none of the other browsers are doing it. Sorry… there’s not much I can do about that D:

Firstly, I’d like to apologize that these past two comics haven’t been uploaded right at midnight, but I’ve been on a kick lately where I’m being a perfectionist and want these pages to be the best I can do, without rushing them. Mana has been doing a really great job with the line art and everything, and I’m trying to step up my game by making even better backgrounds, so I’m not going to rush the update, at least their still being updated on Mondays XD haha… I’d die if I miss an update.

I’m really proud of my background for this one… if you may have noticed this one is sort of meant to replace our original First Page. And Comparing them is a lot of fun, to see how much we’ve improved since 2009. Progress, Progress, we’re making progress *nods*. But alas, I must get a school final finished now, so enjoy the page and see you next week! :)