This was an easy comic this week! nice change of pace :)

So I spent a lot of time this weekend trying to fix my computer. I thought the problem had gone away last Monday, but it continued to haunt me through the week, and I later discovered that my hard drive was finally kaput on me. So a new hard drive later (thankfully I was able to back up everything) and I’m on the go again. I bought Windows 7 while I was at it, and my computer is running nice a smooth once again, which is awesome. It actually is sooo much faster to install Windows now then when it used to be, which is great, I didn’t spend all day trying to get it to work.

One thing I’ll add here, if you’re into the gaming scene, some of you may be aware of my (Elginive) Comic Choked Comics Well- firstly it’s got a shiny new website, I completed it before Flycoren’s. I know I know! I’m working on getting Flycoren done still!

But Anthony who helps me out a lot over there has a new project, and I encourage you to go check it out :) right here