aaahhhh, I’m so sorry it’s a day late everyone. I promise it wasn’t because I was slacking, I just spent so much extra time on the backgrounds this week, I hope that’s okay. Once I get determined to make it look good, I just can’t leave it be.

And I would have updated the RP last night also, but the internet chose to go out at 11PM, so I couldn’t even do that D:, I had no luck last night.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween and got lotsa candy, or at the very least plotted a way to get lots of candy. We had our two year old son go for the first time this year, and the weather was really good! (Scary, it’s been yeaaars since we had nice not snowy weather on Halloween). I thought that was going to be a kibosh since it was snowing this morning at 8AM, but it melted off and got warm. Usually we are knee deep in snow already, so it was really exciting to see it like this. But speaking of Halloween, I’ve got chocolate I’m going to go devour now- go ready Traced Impressions while I do so.