Chapter End! Woo! And a very fun ending, I had been waiting for this page for sooo long. :)

Good thing I had this weekend off to work on these backgrounds, coz they took some time to get done -.-‘

It’ll be fun to get the next chapter on the way also. See, if you remember back, with the Orca’s Past Part II, it was an abrupt 15 pages, and then we moved onto the next chapter. Well, Mana and I had decided to change up how that chapter was going to go. But the only problem was, we hadn’t written it yet. So instead of delaying the comic for it, we just cut to Chapter 5 instead.

So now, without further ado, Chapter 6 will be the… uhh, rewritten Chapter 4! I think it’s much better than what we had before, and it tells the story in a much more fluid way. It’s going to be great :).